Vocalist & Musician

I welcome the opportunity to entertain new clients!   If you are interested in becoming one of those clients,  I  offer a wide variety of entertainment packages for you to choose from.  Please contact me to find out more about:

Wedding Singer Packages - Each bride and groom have their own ideas of what they want on their special day, be it an aria as the bride processes down the aisle, or a fun few dance sets at the reception.  Let me help you decide what's right for you to help make your day the magical day it's meant to be.

Corporate Entertainment Packages - Do you have a lively bunch who need to shake it off at the annual summer bash or holiday party?  Or perhaps you just want to jazz up a special date at your coffee shop?  Either way, I can put together a package to suit your needs.  I work with a live band for larger functions or can accommodate a smaller venue with backing tracks if you prefer a bit of blending in.  Get in touch and let's discuss how to make your event one everyone will remember.

Session Singing Packages - I am well versed in meeting the requirements of the Producer, Songwriter or general Ideas Person.  You want it softer, you got it; you want opera, you got it; you want rock or blues; you guessed it, you got it.  I'm very familiar with the long hours, many takes, and different versions that often need addressing in the studio situation.  If you need someone who can lend you the voice you need, and has the patience you require, let's talk.

Singing Lessons - I have worked with with vocalists across the vocal spectrum, from beginners through to university students.  If you are looking to just learn basic vocal skills or are perhaps in need of someone to help you tweak a professional level performance, I can help.  Singing lessons are the place where we can safely make mistakes while we learn to get it right.  They are also a place to build confidence, even if only for public speaking purposes.  My students have said they very much enjoy working with me because I'm open, honest and make them feel completely at ease.  If that's the kind of tuition your looking for, let me know.  Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly lessons are all available as options.  

PricesAs an active member of the Musicians Union, I charge according to their current rate sheet, which means you will only ever be charged a reasonable fee.  This will be customised to your function or lesson and in line with the duration of time you require.  Contact me for an exact  quote on your custom tailored package.  Thanks in advance for your consideration, I look forward to working with you!